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        Titanium dioxide
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        Iron oxide brown

        Iron oxide brown pigment, brown powder, Model: 686/868/884/885, widely used in building materials, coatings, paints, rubber, plastics, with good color stability, and tinting strength, reliable quality. Welcome new and old customers to inquire .

        Product name: Iron oxide brown

        1.Brief: Molecular formula Fe2O3 ? nH2O,
        2.Specifications and models: 610/686/860/868.
        3.Uses: Widely used in colored cement tiles, coatings, paints, building materials, rubber, plastics and other fields.
        4.Storage and transportation: Store in a dry plac, avoid moisture & high temperature, and isolated with acidic or alkaline substances. Shelf life for unpacked products is 3 years.
        5.Packing: 25kg/bag, plastic bag lined woven bag.
        Model: 610/686/860/868

        Inspection items Index requirements Inspection results
        Fe2O3, ≥% 85 92
        Moisture, ≤% 1 0.7
        Water soluble matter , ≤% 0.5 0.4
        Residue on sieve (325mesh)% 0.5 0.3
        Oil absorption (ml/100g) 25~35 30
        pH value 5.0~7.0 7
        Tinting strength, % 100±5 99
        Conclusion: This product is qualified.
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